TKB Investment Partners – one of the largest non‑State asset management company in Russia

  • A++

    Highest security rating from Rating Agency RAEX («Expert RA»)

  • 1 trillion RUB

    Assets under management

  • 8

    Position in the ranking of the Expert RA
    in terms of assets under management (as of 2021)


  • Focus

    TKB Investment Partners (JSC) is the largest non-state asset management company in Russia with RUB 1 trillion of assets under management and advisory (as of 31.12.2023) and the highest reliability rating from the leading Russian Rating Agency RAEX («Expert RA»).

  • Investment solutions

    Actively managed portfolios can significantly outperform the market. Our investment team, which is one of the largest and most experienced in Russia, specialises in equity portfolio management, fixed income, balanced strategies and capital protection strategies.

  • Clients

    Our investment strategies are tailor-made to meet our clients’ needs. Among our clients are large non-state pension funds, insurance companies, non-profit organisations and private investors.

Our firm

TKB Investment Partners (JSC) is the largest non-State asset management company in Russia. With RUB 1 trillion assets under management as at the end of 2023, the company has offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg and is one of the largest managers in the world of long-only Russian investments for external clients, including some of the world’s largest pension funds, insurance companies, financial institutions, fund-of-funds and wealth managers.

With deep experience across all market capitalisations in listed securities, the autonomous full coverage buy-side team uses a proprietary investment process designed to deliver long term alpha in strategies including absolute return, high conviction and core equity products. Thorough research is performed throughout Russia and Central Asia to identify best-in-breed companies, including direct site visits and regular meetings with senior executive management.

Key to our approach is a discipline of:
  • Focus

    Products and strategies only where we have demonstrated expertise

  • Specialization

    Deep knowledge of the market with all investment professionals resident in Russia

  • Client centric

    Tailored strategies, responsive and fast servicing

  • Control

    Risk management an integral part of the investment process

  • The highest security rating1
Wide range of services for global clients
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Our clients

Extensive product suite domiciled in Russia
  • Mutual funds

    Management of a diversified retail fund range

    Open-ended mutual funds sold across Russia via extensive network of bank distributors

    Asset classes include high conviction equity, balanced, fixed income.

  • Institutional mandates

    Management of Russian largest non-state pension savings and reserves since 2003

    Extensive client list across public and non-public sectors

    Proprietary risk-budget approach to provide absolute return and conservative balanced strategies.

  • Closed end funds

    Dedicated institutional client products

    Asset classes include listed securities, venture capital, private equity and real estate.

Contact us

Address: 69/71, lit. A, Marata Street, Saint Petersburg, 191119, Russia

Phone: +7 812 332-7-332

Fax: +7 812 324-65-57